About Us


The Louisiana Pawnbrokers Association was founded by the late Murray Horowitz, founder of City Pawn Shops in Baton Rouge, who realized that pawnshops needed to be unified and operate with the same ethics and standards all over Louisiana. Together with Jim Boring and several other pawnbrokers, they formed the LPBA in 1986 in order to regulate the pawn industry, to bridge communication between pawnbrokers, and to help strengthen the relationship between state and local officials. They hired Norman Ferachi to be their lobbyist and to manage the association. In 1993 a bill was introduced, the Louisiana Law of Pawn, that is still used today in pawnshops statewide. Our LPBA Board of Directors and our legal team monitor movement in the legislature for potential threats to the pawn industry. With the help of Dr. Wayne Babovich and his legal team, the first book, Louisiana Law of Pawn, written by Dr. Babovich, is recognized by the State.


Who We Are

We're an association of pawnbrokers, and we're the only one of our kind in the state. The members of Louisiana Pawnbrokers Association (LPBA) work to uphold the best ethical conduct with established best practices that we follow and obey local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Since LPBA was founded in 1986, we've worked for the interests of responsible secondhand dealers and pawnbrokers, numbering in the tens of thousands. We serve our membership with professional education, legal resources, industry programs, and legislative advocacy.


Member Benefits

  • LPBA works to advance the positive and professional image of the pawnbroking industry.
  • 30 minutes of free consultation time with an industry-leading attorney (Valued at $1200)
  • Advocacy for pawn businesses at federal, state and local levels
  • LPBA promotes best practices, education, and networking opportunities for members.