Code of Ethics



We, the members of the Louisiana Pawn Brokers Association, in order to more effectively demonstrate our integrity and our desire to be recognized as upstanding and trustworty members of the business community do hereby adopt the following as our Code of Ethics:

We will deal with our customers and the general public with honesty, making service with integrity our constant goal.

We will maintain high standards for employed personnel, demanding integrity and courtesy in their dealing with the public.

We will maintain our business premises in a manner which will reflect credit on the pawn shop industry in Louisiana.

We will exercise reasonable care to protect the goods of our customers from fire, theft, burglary and other similar hazards, and will return redeemed goods in a condition equal to that in which they were received.

We will strictly comply with the letter of governmental regulation as applied by local authorities and enforced.

We will cooperate to the full extent of our ability with the proper efforts of every duly-authorized law enforcement agency.

Any member convicted of violating any part of the Pawn Shop Act is subject to suspension by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Any member charged with violating any of the above ordinances or laws may be called before the Board of Directors for a hearing.

We further agree that we will follow both the letter and the spirit of this Code of Ethics, and will make every effort to ensure that this Code of Ethics is followed by every member of the Louisiana Pawn Brokers Association.